12-Year-Old Jazz Genius

Joey Alexander has a shocking amount of musical talent at only 12-years-old. When Joey was around six years old and living in Bali with his family, he was just a regular kid - a tad too hyperactive - but normal. Too give him an outlet so he could focus his energy into something, his parents surprised him with a keyboard; little did they know where it would lead. Joey taught himself to play by listening to his dad's old recordings of Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. He wanted to learn something a little less formal than classical music, so jazz seemed like the perfect fit.

Joey started recording himself playing piano and posting the videos online - it didn't take long before he went viral. The whole world was watching this very young boy from Indonesia create magic beneath his fingertips. Jazz legend and Managing/Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Centre, Wynton Marsalis, heard Joey play the piano and knew he was someone he had to meet; he explained to 60 Minutes that he had never heard anyone who could play like Joey, he was blown away.

Being able to create his own style and set himself apart from the rest of the jazz community, as well as only being 12, is what has nominated Joey for two Grammy Awards this year for his new, and first, album My Favourite Things. Joey is extremely talented to be so young, he has already created a career for himself and made a large impact on the jazz community. Time will only tell what he will do next.

To see the full story, visit 60 Minutes .

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