The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar


194 Queen Street West
M5V1Z1 Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Where jazz musicians come to hear jazz. Since the late '80s, the Rex has been at the forefront of Toronto's thriving local jazz scene. The casual atmosphere, eclectic mix of retro-chic decor, and an exciting variety of draught beer combine to make The Rex feel like a second home. The Jazz & Blues Bar continually attracts Canada's finest musicians and is unique in that it remains distinctly inexpensive and affordable for the budget-conscious.

The Rex is wheelchair accessible, but as the washrooms are elevated one step above street level, we ask that those in need of wheelchair accessibility enter through our St.Patrick Street entrance at the North West corner of the building.

Friday, June 23 (3pm): The Hogtown Syncopators with Terra Hazelton
Friday, June 23 (5pm): The Jivebombers
Friday, June 23 (8pm) Alex Goodman Quintet
Friday, June 23 (10pm): Jochen Rueckert Quartet
Saturday, June 24 (12 Noon): The Sinners Choir
Saturday, June 24 (3:30pm): Swing Shift Big Band
Saturday, June 24 (8pm): Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats
Saturday, June 24 (10pm): Jochen Rueckert Quartet
Sunday, June 25 (12 Noon): Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band
Sunday, June 25 (3:30pm): Freeway Dixieland Septet
Sunday, June 25 (8pm): Andrew Downing’s Otterville
Sunday, June 25 (10pm): Geoffrey Keezer Trio w/ Special Guest Gillian Margot
Monday, June 26 (5pm): Patrick Smith Quartet
Monday, June 26 (8pm): John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra
Monday, June 26 (11pm): Tom Upjohn’s We Are All Large Ensemble
Tuesday, June 27 (5pm): Lucian Gray Sextet
Tuesday, June 27 (8pm): Dave Young Quintet
Tuesday, June 27 (10pm): Tara Kannanagara Quintet
Wednesday, June 28 (5pm): Mark Godfrey Quartet
Wednesday, June 28 (8pm): Joe LaBarbera Quartet
Wednesday, June 28 (10pm): Jeff Coffin & Felix Pastorius w/ Michael Occhipinti’s “In Orbit”
Thursday, June 29 (3pm): Big Band Slam hosted by Jason Logue
Thursday, June 29 (5pm): JV’s Bugaloo Squad
Thursday, June 29 (8pm): Mike Murley Septet
Thursday, June 29 (11pm): KNOWER
Friday, June 30 (3pm): The Hogtown Syncopators
Friday, June 30 (5pm): Justin Bacchus Collective
Friday, June 30 (8pm): Rich Brown’s The Abeng
Friday, June 30 (11pm): KNOWER Co-Led by Genevieve Artadi
Saturday, July 1 (12 Noon): Youth Jazz Showcase - National Youth Jazz Combo, Berklee Jazz Global Jazz Institute Ensemble and Israel’s Thelma Yellin School for the Arts Combo
Saturday, July 1 (3:30pm): Laura Hubert Band
Saturday, July 1 (8pm): Eric St. Laurent’s Rough Cocktail
Saturday, July 1 (10pm): Rich Brown’s The Abeng
Sunday, July 2 (12 Noon): Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band
Sunday, July 2 (3:30pm): Red Hot Ramble
Sunday, July 2 (8:30pm) Radiohead Jazz Project featuring Josh Grossman’s Toronto Jazz Orchestra

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