Time flies…

So how, exactly, did it get to be June 13th?

Here I was, working away, doing my best to ensure all of the ducks were in their proverbial rows, when suddenly it was June 13th and the 2013 TD Toronto Jazz Festival was only a week away. I guess I should have seen it coming. The concept of time, after all, is not a recent development. No matter how often I long for 28-hour days, I've always known that each truly (still) contains only 24 hours. And, unless I get into really great shape and start running at the speed of light, the concept of time will likely remain fairly constant.

If the number on the calendar didn't appropriately alert me to the the time of year, I could have just as easily clued in thanks to one of the following hints:

  1. I've been listening today to the mixtape, created by DJ Agile, featuring some of the artists appearing at this year's festival - he always delivers it close to the festival's start. It's pretty great - you can hear it here.
  2. We had a fun meeting this morning with this year's TDJ News Corps crew. These two university/college students will be honing their jazz journalism skills with the help of their mentors - they'll be reviewing concerts, interviewing artists, and getting a behind-the-scenes taste of the festival. You'll be able to see their work soon at torontojazz.com/tdj-news.
  3. Registration for this year's Jazz for the Teach closes tomorrow. These two sessions - one on jazz fundamentals, the other on big bands - are geared towards middle and high school music teachers seeking to sharpen their jazz teaching skills, and are led by some of Toronto's top jazz educators. You can still sign up here!

Plus - the office is a hive of activity, the weather is warming (as Vernon Duke might say, "Summer is A-Comin' In"), the signs are hung over the highways...All these and more clearly indicate that THE JAZZ FESTIVAL STARTS NEXT WEEK!

And, frankly, that's pretty exciting.

I'll talk a bit more next week about what you can expect at the festival - what's new, what's different, what's awesome. In the meantime, it's back to crossing i's, dotting t's and teaching geometry to mallards.


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