Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins is best known as the bassist for Parliament/Funkadelic and leader of Bootsy's Rubberband in the late 70's.

Bootsy got into music long before he became a part of Parliament/Funkadelic. Growing up in Cincinnati OH, he started playing guitar and bass at an early age. When he was 14 he led a band that did recording sessions at Kings Records with Charles Spurling.

The Godfather of Soul was so impressed with the band that, he sent them on tour with his production Artist like: Marva Whitney, Hank Ballard, to name a few, then he asked them to become his regular band in 1969 and Bootsy's band was re-named the J.B's. After touring all around the world, with James Brown, Bootsy and the group were ready to do their own thing. When the band returned from England in 1971, they decided to leave James Brown and launch their own career.

That is when Bootsy met up with George Clinton and became a part of Parliament Funkadelic. In 1975 Bootsy and his band did some recording on their own under the name Bootsy's Rubberband, based on their single, Stretching Out. Together, Parliament/Funkadelic and the Rubberband put on some of the most stunning and evolutionary live Funk shows.

Bootsy now lives in his hometown of Cincinnati OH and spends much of his time producing Movie, game and animation scores, along with producing and mentoring young talent. Check out the artists section of the site to find out more about the groups on his label, Bootzilla Productions.

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